Pepperberry Market

I love crafting, I always have. I tell people, "I was crafting and creating before it was cool". I have created pieces for friends and family over the years and I truly love the feeling I get when I see the recipients smile. I decided I should try to focus on my opening my own Etsy Shop after I involuntarily left the corporate world due to a slip. A broken knee cap in one leg and 3 bones in the other will do it!! It seemed like the perfect time to collect my thoughts and get a plan for my future in order. My inspiration is my son and better half who support my dreams, goals and who truly are my number one fans.

Someone once asked me to tell them the story of why I chose Pepperberry Market as my business name. It doesn't seem like an awesome story to others but to us it was a specific moment that a light bulb when off in our heads at the same time. Making dinner one night we were preparing stuffed peppers for the grill and strawberries for a salad. I was talking a mile a minute and lumped pepper and berry together and he said, in his funny British accent, that I needed to go to the market tomorrow...and there you have it something we created together, as we always do.

Some of my favorite pieces are inspired because of my son. He loves picking flowers for me, if there is a flower in site he is picking it for me. I have saved every flower he has ever given to me...every last one. We have a huge vase that we collect them in after they dry out. During the drying process, we place them in a small vase attached to a wood block picture frame which has a picture of him giving me a flower when he was 2. He also loves to help me cook, and he will be the first one to tell you if it's not made with love, it's not worth eating. We have my granny's spoon which we added a paper heart with the word "love" on it. He takes a big scoop of love as the final ingredient and dinner is done. This simple act is something I am positive he will share with his children in the future. It melts my heart.

Just like Dinner...Pepperberry Market will add our own touch of care and love to each piece we make.

To quote Shelby in Steel Magnolias..."Pink is my signature color", we understand that we all have our own signature color. If you see a piece that you would like in a different color send us an email. Each Piece is made to order so customizing is easy. Some, not all, crafts can be customized with color and/or size. Most of our listings will not be indicated as customizable, however they are. Customizable crafts must be paid for in advance. Once your payment has cleared, your piece can take up to 2 weeks to be created and shipped. Need something faster? Call us and we will work with your time frame as much as possible.

Pepperberry Market will contact you when the order has been received. Once payment has cleared you will receive a confirmation and notification stating when your piece will be completed. We will ship it to you with the utmost care, as you wait in sheer anticipation!!

Thanks for taking a moment to read our story. Have a great day and we hope hear from you soon!!

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